Friday, February 27, 2009

Headlines at the Nelson's

So, it's been awhile since I lasted posted. I finally did get my butt in gear and re-enrolled starting Summer 2009 for full time college. Things are going well here, as far as news, our ward boundaries were realigned and we had to leave a ward that felt like home and start fresh. I'm not judging the new ward in any way...(ok, so I am!), it's just not the fun, bubbly, experience I had grown accustomed to. We attended the stake's roadshows last night and all of the cute youth from the old ward were waving and smiling at us....I leaned over to Eric and said...those are the young women I'm supposed to be serving in young womens with!!! Now, don't worry, I am not called to Young Womens. We were called as the ward activity leaders in the new ward, and I was called to also serve as the assistant Enrichment night leader. My friends keep telling me I'm in this new ward to make everyone else fun and bubbly...we'll see how that works. The kids are doing well, Taylor attended his first Stake Youth Dance a few weeks ago and had a blast. In addition to dancing and having a continuous smile, he came home with several new girls phone#'s programmed into his phone. McKenzee is hitting the fun tween stage and loves to get on the computer, play with her new BFF, Brooke who lives next door. She doesn't care much for the uniforms at school, but overall enjoys school--mostly the social networking, word searches, and math. Connor is enjoying the warmer weather and has been riding his bike all over the subdivision and comes in for a drink and goes out for more. That's about all the news for now. Hope you all enjoy your day!

Taylor Snowboarding in Mt. Sterling

Taylor trying out and practicing for his big snowboarding trip to Wolf Mtn.

Here is a picture of the kids cutting out cookies for Valentines Day.

Connor and McKenzee rolling and cutting sugar cookie dough.

Connor concentrating on his perfect cookie shape, McKenzee just watching him.

Dad's Drum Shirt

I know it needs to be rotated, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to rotate a movie video. This is basically for Jan and Dan's family since you weren't able to see the cute reaction and dad drumming away on his chest with his drum shirt. Sorry, but you'll have to tilt your head sideways to get the best view...Enjoy!