Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Patch ---October 16th

Just in time for Halloween....Connor took us all with him on his field trip (cousin Blake filled in for Eric). Meeting at the preschool we followed the caravan to the Day Farm in Syracuse. They loaded us unto 4 different farmer Joe hayride tractors and took us out to the Pumpkin Patch. I think we found the great Pumpkin Patch Charlie Brown!!! The kids had so much fun running around and pulling off their pumpkins from the vine. Here are a few pictures of the trip..........

Puppy Power!!!

I promised Bree, she could get on Mommy and Daddy's computer and see the pictures of the puppies when Harlee got them out of her you go, Bree!
Here is Sir Maximus of Nelsonville (Max) checking out his cute little new sons and daughters.
Here are the big twins! These are the biggest most piggy puppies...they are almost double the size of the other 3.
Here is daddy checking out his babies again.

Puppies and puppies and more puppies....oh my!!!

On Monday mid-morning we were blessed with 5 adorable little bundles from Harlee and Max. Here are some pictures. It's so fun having puppies and hearing their whimpers and cuddling with them!!!